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  • We help entrepreneurs scale their startups either via our 10xU monthly membership—including mentoring, masterminds, and online courses—or via Think Phases where we dedicate a team of strategists, technologists, and futurists to develop a custom roadmaps for you.
  • Our global network of experienced mentors, investors, company-builders, and advisors is ready to help you.
  • We come from a team that’s cobuilt over 40 startups in five years—and we want to teach you everything we’ve learned (including mistakes we wish we’ve learned to avoid).

From idea to prototype to growth

Have a great idea?

We help you bring your vision to life by giving you the mindset, the skillset, and the support you need to find your first customers and launch your product or service (yes, in that order).

We also show you how to construct a financial roadmap that doesn’t break the bank.


Already growing?

We help you scale rapidly—and 10x thinking is the only way to get an exponential growth curve. You’ll need to do everything differently in order to grow 10x: re-examine every assumption, experiment rapidly, and make smart decisions quickly.

Then you’ll need to do it all over again for the next 10x. All while keeping your team, customers, investors, and rabid fans happy. We’ll show you how.


At a big company?

We help you learn how to innovate within your organization—without setting off alarm bells. Enterprises are under attack from all sides, which can lead to death by a thousand paper cuts.

The companies that survive are the ones who put themselves out of business before anyone else can.

Skillset, Mindset, and Roadmap

Join thousands of founders learning from our in-depth articles and free webinars


Your Startup’s Hiring Plan

I’ve been working on an easy yet powerful financial model for startups, and one of the tabs is Headcount. Today I’m going to share my simple spreadsheet so you can plan your hiring for the next three years. Here’s a quick video walkthrough: Here’s what the hiring plan...

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Join thousands of founders learning from our in-depth articles and free webinars

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