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Intensive Course for Corporate Executives in Miami

Wed, April 18th – Fri, April 20th, 2018

How Do We Keep Up?

The number one question we hear from business leaders is: “How do we keep up with changing technology?”

The scary truth is that if you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else already is. And industries are changing more and more quickly.

But established businesses move at a slower pace than startups.

Okay, Now What?

You can disrupt your competition—while preserving your core business. Strengthen your industry leadership by encouraging innovation within your organization, whether you’re launching new products and services or adopting new business models to respond to changing market needs.

Expand into new lines of business by innovating at the edge of your organization. Think of how Apple used their iPod and iPhone customers to become a major player in the music business. Or how Amazon leveraged their core business to create Amazon Web Services and dominate the market for on-demand cloud services.

Why are startups so good at disrupting established companies?


culture OF Experimentation

Smart Use of Data & digitized assets

user experience

Netflix and Hulu challenged the TV business even though they don’t broadcast through traditional channels.
Uber and Waze changed the way we move around by leveraging existing infrastructure that they don’t even own.
AirBnB disrupted the hospitality industry without having to build or own any hotels.

They Attack You in Unexpected Ways

“Companies that have a very successful business model typically hew to that model unless forced to pivot,” says Ken Parks, former chief content officer at Spotify.

Each facet of your business is being targeted by an army of startups. They’re using new business models that don’t fit with your worldview. They think differently than you because their success depends upon winning this single battle, while you’re focused on many other important things.

And once they establish a foothold, they start to grow quickly—eventually threatening your revenue and business relationships. 

You Win By Innovating

You can use these same tactics to harness new technologies and business models in order to beat your competition.

We’ll show you how!

Technology is changing by the second, and this not only spurs new kinds of businesses, but also affects how companies currently do business. 10xU has empowered our teams to implement innovation in the right way and harness our creative nature in this new digital age.

Isaac Mizrahi,

Co-President & COO, Alma Agency

Executive Course in Miami

Wed, April 18th – Fri, April 20th, 2018

Three-Day Intensive

Learn to think like a startup while operating as an industry leader. Upgrade your organization with the right mindset and skill set to compete in today’s dynamic environment. Become more flexible and move faster. Use your current assets and customers to drive disruptive innovation. Hack your organization to avoid losing promising projects to the reaction of your “corporate immune system.”

Become the disruptor—instead of the disrupted!

All without threatening your core business.


Wednesday, April 18th // Introductions, Abundance & Exponentiality, Vision (full day)
Thursday, April 19th // Execution, Product, Growth, Experiments, and Immune Response (full day)
Friday, April 20th // Exponential Technology (half day)

Breakfast and lunch will be served each day, and are included in the price.



Abundance and Exponentiality

The ability to effectively manage abundance and navigate hyper connection will be essential to the future of your company’s success. AirBnB, Uber, and Facebook have built massive enterprises without owning or creating the underlying assets. Learn how to effectively implement exponential tools to innovate like a startup, grow quickly, and avoid extinction.


Surviving and thriving in the digital age requires your company to think big. Bigger than you’re thinking now. Learn how your massive transformative purpose establishes the proper foundation to perform at least 10X better than competitors, while also capturing the world’s imagination. You’ll learn how to apply the exponential framework and our startup cell template to your initiatives.


Achieving at least a 10X greater impact than competitors is crucial to surviving the digital age. To accomplish this, your company needs to develop an infrastructure that allows it to execute effectively. Learn how you can leverage your existing team members and assets to execute at the pace of a startup—without creating chaos in your core business.


Product market fit is the number one goal in a world that’s evolving rapidly. Learn how to create shorter cycles of experimentation that involve your customers in the development process, allowing you to rapidly test assumptions and incorporate feedback. This promotes continuous improvement and reduces time-to-market, while keeping costs low and minimizing risk.


Learn how to use growth marketing (or next-generation growth hacking) to rapidly acquire customers. Become familiar with new ways of engaging users in order to accurately understand and predict their habits. This will allow you to place your customers at the heart of your organization, so everyone can work in sync to achieve key objectives.

Investment Strategy

Understand different cycles of raising funds, diverse funding models, and how to define the appropriate funding strategy. Explore alternatives to building or creating innovation, such as acquisition of startups and startup ideas, partnerships with venture builders and accelerators, and creating internal centers of innovation.

Exponential Technology

Gain a big advantage over your competitors by understanding the implications of modern technologies,the increasing rate of chage, and their fit with your business goals. Learn how your company can create pathways that shorten time to market—adapting lessons learned from experiments and iteration to develop scalable platforms that drive exponential impact.

Immune Response

Companies have a built-in immune response that attacks disruptive innovation. This means that your best internal projects will be killed by your own team—before they have a chance to succeed! Learn to plan appropriately from the beginning in order to give your initiatives the time and political cover they need to succeed.

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Other Benefits

We’re filling this course with forward-thinking leaders who you’ll find interesting. We’ll also connect you with our valuable global network of company builders, mentors, investors, and executives—think of them as potential customers, partners, and advisors.

Plus we recommend that you stick around a few extra days to enjoy a sunny weekend in Miami. We’ll provide suggestions for hotels, etc. soon.

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