Learn to innovate like your favorite startups

Startups are innovating too fast while corporations keep moving at a slower pace.

Unleash corporate innovation with the disruptive power of the startups

Netflix and Hulu have challenged the TV business

Uber and Waze have changed the way we move around

AirBnB disrupted the hospitality industry

Why are startups good at innovating and disrupting?


Experimentation culture

Problem-solving conviction

Centered around user-experience

Technology is changing by the second and this not only spurs new kinds of businesses, but also affects how companies currently do business – the best way to stay cutting edge, is to combine the innovation and creative processes. The 10XU learning platform has allowed our media and marketing teams to implement innovation in the right way and harness our creative nature in this new digital age. 

Isaac Mizrahi,

Co-President & COO , Alma Agency

The Cobuild Executive Course: harnessing the power of cutting edge innovation

Learn to think and act like a startup. Empower your organization with the right mindset, and skills that allow it to be better prepared to compete in today’s dynamic environment. Become more flexible and move faster in the era of technological disruption. Promote and implement innovation that uses your current assets and customers as a driver of unprecedented disruption

What you’ll learn

Boost your
current assets
The art of nimble
Fostering cutting
edge innovation



Abundance and Exponentiality

We live in a world of abundance, where 3 billion people will be coming online in the next 5 years. The ability to effectively manage abundance and navigate hyper connection will be essential to the future of your company’s success. Waze, AirBnB, Uber are only a few examples of some of the companies that have leveraged abundance and hyper connection to forever change industries. By adapting exponential characteristics to your company, you can also learn how to effectively implement these tools allowing you to innovate like a startup and avoid extinction.


Surviving and thriving in the digital age requires your company to have a vision that is massive. Learn to create the higher aspirational purpose of your company, which will establish the proper foundation to perform at least 10X better than competitors, while also capturing the world’s imagination. Additional exponential characteristics such as converting an external crowd into an engaged community on behalf of your company, and focusing on the role data plays will also be introduced.


Achieving at least a 10X greater impact than competitors is crucial to surviving the digital age. To accomplish this, your company needs to develop an infrastructure that empowers and manages innovation. Cutting edge innovation is one example of this infrastructure, where ideas can be explored at the pace of a startup, without generating chaos to the established structure. Learn how internal assets of your company can be easily integrated into this evolved infrastructure.


With the market constantly evolving, product market fit becomes the most important driver for validation. Learn how to create shorter cycles of experimentation that allow for testing assumptions and adapting market feedback. This promotes continuous improvement, reducing time-to-market, while keeping costs low and minimizing risk.


Learn the new approach to marketing and engagement through the key concepts of growth hacking. Become familiar with new ways of engaging users and accurately understanding and predicting their habits through relevant metrics. This will allow you to better gauge the evolution of growth moving beyond one person, or one group of people, to place it at the heart of the organization where everyone must work in-sync towards achieving growth objectives.


Understanding the implications of modern technologies and their fit with business goals can be a big differentiator from your competitors. This entails an exploration of platforms and products, along with a modern approach to product building through rapid prototyping, APIs and integration of external platforms. Learn how the company can create pathways that shorten time to market, adapting lessons learned from iteration to eventually reach the development of scalable platforms that drive exponential impact.

Investment Strategy

Raise funds that support and may potentially scale innovation. Understand different cycles of raising funds, diverse funding models, and how to define the appropriate funding strategy. Additionally, explore alternatives to building or creating innovation, such as acquisition of startups and startup ideas, partnerships with venture builders and accelerators and creating internal centers of innovation.

Who’s this course for?

  • C-level Executives & Innovation Leaders
  • Government & Public Organizations
  • Educational Organizations
  • Large Corporations & Established Businesses
  • Organizations Looking to Embrace Innovation
  • Innovation Teams at Corporations
We are very impressed on how the 10xU methodology helps us mitigate a lot of risk, while allowing us to develop ideas that can become exponential.
Robert Wright

CEO, Tracklink

We came here with questions that would help us make our platform stronger, allowing us to expand it to other markets outside of Ecuador, including Latin America and the rest of the world. We want to evolve our idea into something bigger.

Santiago Roca

COO, Grupo M&M

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