We’ve often talked about how the entrepreneurial ecosystem is growing at the speed of light.  Companies are flourishing by the minute, with digital tools and global resources making it easier than ever for these ventures to rise. But making these companies flourish and enter the global market is something that most startups don’t often consider. As much as we all talk about the power of globalization, there is still a long way to go when it comes to companies truly going the distance, especially when it comes to overcoming some of the obstacles that often cause companies to fail.

Part of our mission at 10xU has always been to help companies expand beyond their immediate local communities and take more of a glocal approach – expanding to the international market by implementing an exponential mentality and one that allows for course correction, experimentation, and fast growth.

In alignment with that commitment, we are happy to announce the expansion of 10xU to our first international market: Ecuador. Through a strategic partnership with the IDE Business School, the premier business management school in the country, 10xU and IDE are proud to share the launch of the 10xU IDE Innovation Center located at the university’s campus in Quito and Guayaquil. This new innovation center will begin by offering the 10xU courses – developed using our proprietary methodology – for entrepreneurs and executives. Additional workshops and the gamut of 10xU services will complement this initial offering in the long run.This goes hand-in-hand with our effort to help foster and promote innovation in Ecuador and extending it throughout Latin America, and worldwide.

Ecuador is a ripe market, with a high percentage of entrepreneurial activity, where one out of three adults either is an entrepreneur or is considering becoming one, according to a study conducted by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2015. This makes it a natural fit for 10xU’s first international destination. Our goal is to complement this market’s thriving community, by providing the right mindset and tools to help them succeed, and granting them access to the Rokk3r Labs ecosystem which will help catapult them to the international stage.

This falls in line with our promise to build a global community that shares our passion for driving innovation, promoting cross-collaboration, and ultimately, driving exponential growth.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new venture, and we are sure this is the first of many more international markets to join the 10xU community.

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