The 10xU Methodology

It’s no secret we are living in a startup generation. Every year, 500 billion dollars is invested towards the development of new companies, yet, 90% of these new companies will disappear. Many of the reasons behind these failures are the same.

The 10xU methodology focuses on the six main areas of company building, addressing head-on some of the most common issues that cause companies to fail. Essentially, we provide entrepreneurs with the key to overcoming these obstacles from the get-go.

Our experienced team of strategists and analysts take an idea, team, market, or technology, evaluate its feasibility, and produce a roadmap that can easily be followed. Essentially, we cut your time to market while increasing your chance of success.

The Fundamentals


Create a higher aspirational purpose for your company and how to make your idea 10x better than your competitors by:

  • Determining the problem, solution, and opportunity
  • Identifying the business opportunity by evaluating the market and relevant competitors
  • Understanding the ecosystem and the value proposition
  • Applying exponential factors like Massive Transformative Purpose, Community, and Data


Obtain an overview of the most powerful concepts for validating a product that adequately fits the market, including tools and procedures to execute these concepts by:  

  • Identifying the product and how it delivers value to users
  • Designing the product
  • Developing an MVJ, MVP and product routing sheet


Develop the mindset to evolve from improvisation to data-driven decision making, while maximizing your ability to manage resources through experimentation and iteration, by:

  • Theory development and experimentation
  • Developing an internal platform that maximizes company growth
  • Identifying a sound team structure: core team vs. on-demand resources
  • Maximizing the use of external resources


Understand your target user and their habits to better serve them. Through the concept of user journeys and growth funnels, among other essential growth concepts, you will develop a holistic growth strategy that allows you to:

  • Transform the user experience into measurable and visual data
  • Develop a brand that effectively communicates the company’s vision


Learn how rapid validation is compatible with building a scalable product by:

  • Identifying technological trends and exponential technologies
  • Using technology readily available and easily integrating it to reduce time to market
  • Positioning the company’s competitive advantage


The right investment strategy will be your key to success. Learn how to develop the right tools for targeting and attracting investors by:

  • Developing a solid investment strategy
  • Tailoring your pitch deck to facilitate conversations with investors

The 10xU Methodology is built into all of our Offerings!


Our entrepreneurs and senior strategist periodically meet with our community to work 1-on-1 on the biggest problems facing our community.

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