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The 10xU Think Phase

The 10xU Think Phase does all the heavy lifting for you, essentially providing you with a  blueprint to build your company or drive corporate innovation, while mitigating risk.

Our experienced team of strategists and analysts take an idea, team, market, or technology, evaluate its feasibility by filtering it through the lens of exponentiality, to produce a roadmap that can be easily be followed. Essentially, we cut your time to market while increasing your chance of success.  


Product and technology

Do you want to get your product to market? We will develop the MVP and product roadmap, with an optimal data gathering and analysis strategy to ensure your product not only satisfies the needs of the market but can also be quickly adapted to answer the needs of your consumers.

Fundraising strategy

If you’re looking to raise funds for your idea or business, look no further. Our team will use our proprietary tools to develop the right set of materials – from your pitch deck to the company presentation – to attract interest and support in your company or idea.

Business validation

Give us your idea, problem, or insight, and we will identify and validate your business opportunity, define your business model, and provide you with a go-to market strategy and growth model.


Growing your business or preparing to scale? Our growth hackers will develop the right growth strategy for your company or product, guiding you through its implementation to ensure your success.

10xU is the best resource for entrepreneurs, who have an active startup, to gain access to practical advice, real mentorship, and valuable connections.

Peter Flores

Founder of DalENT

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